Anyone use this distribution? I have a big big problem with the keyboard -- it misses characters or irradically repeats random characters. I might press a key quickly once and the driver will repeat it 100 or more times. Other times it misses the key altogether.

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Sorry, which distro is this?

I assume that you're working with a Raspberry Pi? But, I have never heard of this distribution.


Yes, I'm working with Raspberry Pi. I thought that was a linux-like distribution, but apparently not. It may gave Debin distribution. I got the Pi as a gift.

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Is it th 256 or the 512 model? I know some distros do not seem to like the 512mb for some strange reason. I've never heard of this problem though, you may want to install another distro or re-install the current distro you have if you haven't done any serious work with it yet:

Check here!

Sorry I couldn't be more help. Hope you get this solved though


As it turns out the Raspberry Pi doesn't have enough umph to power my keyboard that has illuminated keys. I went to WalMart and bought a cheap keyboard ($13) and it works ok with the Pi.

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