Hey guys, I have problem in my server dns in resolve.conf keep reseting after upgrade or reboot
what should I do to stop this ?

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Do you directly edit the file or you use resolvconf command?

The file /etc/resolv.conf (no trailing 'e') is controlled by your network dns settings. If you change it manually, the changes will only be in effect until the next update or reboot, unless you change your network settings to block that. Sorry, but I don't remember right now what settings need to be changed, but I know I have done that some time in the deep, dark past.... :-) Remember, Google is your friend!

Also, if you are using ubuntu 12 or better, dns entries are made in \etc\network\interfaces now.

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Makhetha, please don't hijack another's thread. Please start your own and we will attempt to answer your question. That said, please provide more information, such as system to connect with, the device you are trying to connect, the operating system you are using, etc.

comment nm_controlled in network interface file and also add DNS enrt in network interface file

vi /etc/sysconfig/networking-script/ifcfg-eth?
DNS1= add IP
DNS2= add IP


Add this to all interface so while rebooting DNS IP will up
i think might be there is bug in redhat6


comment NM_CONTROLLED=yes

you were right :D

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