I am struggling to create a Windows virtual display driver.

What I want: A driver that I can register as a service, so that I can add a virtual mointor to a windows computer when my program starts, i.e. the computer shows that there are two monitors attached, but there is only one phyiscal monitor.

What I've tried: I tried downloading the sample Kernal Driver from Microsoft, but when I install it on my Windows 8 machine, it uninstalls my other video driver and only shows a single monitor. I don't think it installs correctly and hoses the computer. On my windows 7 machine, I get the blue screen of death after the driver installs and the computer reboots. I'm not even sure it's what I'm looking for.

I've also tried CodeProject's display driver, but I cannot even compile the driver because most of the required includes and libraries are deprecated and no longer available for download from Microsoft (There is no Windows 2000 platform sdk)

I have been looking for open source display drivers, but had little luck in finding them. I have looked into things like UltraVNC, but their drivers are mirror drivers.

Halp? Are there any resources that would help me create a virtual display driver and register it as a service? Any books, resources, code projects, etc?

I'm really struggling with this one.


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