I just need to ask regarding Linux. We're using Linux as server, the problem 's that several computers could'nt access the server or the server is accessible but files marked as read only. What do you think is the best solution to this? thank you verymuch

Much more information concerning your entire configuration would be helpful.

* What files are being served, and by what applications (Samba, Apache, etc.)?
* "...several computers could'nt access the server..." Couldn't access by which methods (network browsing, pings, share-mapping, via HTTP, etc.)?
* What operating systems (including versions) are the client computers running.
* when did these problems start to occur? Give us as much background history as possible.
* What exact steps (if any) have you taken so far to try to resolve the problems? What were th exact results of those steps.
* Give us the full and exact text of any error messages you may have encountered which relate to the connection/access problems.
* Give us the details of your network's physical configuration.