In my home network I have my desktop wired (eth0) to a Netgear range extender that is wirelessly linked to my Linksys AC1200 router. If I do ip route show I get the IP address of my router but not the Netgear range extender that has the association with the router. How can I get the IP address of the Netgear device?

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Although the range extender has an IP address in order to configure it, in operation, that should not appear in the route as it is basically operating as a radio repeater at that point. IE, your computer is (in)directly communicating with the router itself and the extender is simply relaying your signal to the router's access point.


You are likely to be on a /24 segment at home so if you PING'd each IP, at most, you would do this 254 times before getting a response back.

Alternatively, I'm sure you can find a "ping sweeper" utility out there where once you run it, you provide the start and end Ip address and let the ultility do the rest..

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