I install ubuntu through a Virtual Machine. I know how to open a terminal, now how to open ssh through ubuntu Virtual Machine?

Thanks before.

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What do you want to secure shell connect to?

In general, to connect to a remote location (somehost.net, for instance) you would do the following:

ssh user@somehost.net

That would try to connect (and log in) as user user on host somehost.

To know more, open a terminal and type man ssh

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Normally you ssh onto a server. Normally that server has some OS on it.

I can only see the need if the server you are using has vmware sphere or something installed as a base. Then you could potentially install the ubuntu OS under vmsphere????

I run a LOT of systems in virtual machines (thousands in the Amazon cloud for example), and we use ssh to connect to these systems. Note that the sshd service on the systems you want to connect with may either limit connections from known hosts, and/or require a private key certificate to connect. We do that to keep unauthorized people from connecting to our servers.

So, read the ssh man page and ask the server admins for the machine(s) you want to connect with what you need to do to get into them.

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