In windows 8 PC When I connect to both VPN wifi I get no internet access on my wifi but internet access on my vpn if I don't connect to VPN and only connect to wifi then I get access to wifi
I checked my device manager network adabter and thery are all enabled . I'm 100% sure that there is no thing wrong with the VPN configration as I have it working fine on my Macbook and windows 7

here is image of what it look like

It is probably an issue with your routing tables in Windows 8. Sorry, but I haven't had the "pleasure" of using Windows 8 (other than the phone version) yet, so that's as much as I can suggest right now.

Most probably you may need Window 8 Pro version to have it working.

Try Win 7 and show us the screen shot

VPN hardware, or software? check out your VPN configuration you might be missing something.

your firewall security blocks ur connection

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