I'm mac user I can perfectly connect to my uni using VPN on my mac and on windows 7. However I want to connect to the same VPN on windows 8 and I keep getting two errors sometimes I get no internet access on both my VPN and wifi and sometimes I get connected to VPN , but get limited access on my wifi at this point I'm unable to connect to wifi or access the uni VPN where there is no internet access.
I was thinking maybe someone had the same proplem before.
Also, do u think it possiable to connect to VPN on my mac and then share the connection on my mac to windows 8

Yes, this problem has been encountered before

You have to uninstall Premium version and install basic version which doesn't have firewall and web filter protection.

Looks like Microsoft quietly has published a fix for this bug.In order to fix your Windows 8 VPN problem go to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2797356 - regardless of your system architecture. Register your e-mail address and you will receive link to download update (KB2797356). Once it is on your hard drive run it, reboot your system and (if your are lucky) “Bob’s your uncle” ;-).

Regarding your second question, Of course you can share your Mac VPN conenction to other devices however I have an alternative solution for you. I suggest to flash DD-WRT on your router and enjoy VPN on all of your devices then.DD-WRT is a free open source project aimed at developing a Linux based firmware solution that removes the restrictions placed on routers by their default programming.
Fortunately, it has the option of selecting different VPN configurations like: PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN and Once configured, users on the network don’t need to enter a log in process when they need to activate the VPN. It just starts automatically, so any device connects automatically and easily, giving you all the benefits of using a reliable VPN service.

In order to check whether your router is DD-WRT supported or not, please check your router here :

And here is a configuration guide that will give you better idea of how you can config your own router:

Hope it could help

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