I'm running Fedora Core 1 and have 2 Hard Drives, each 40 GB.
But when i was installing Fedora i setup the HD and now is showing
hda1 mounted at /boot (4.0 MB size) and hdb1 mounted at / (40 GB size).
It is showing the first HD as only 4MB in size, where is the rest of space?
Can i change it so that it shows (recognizes) the real size of the HD, without reinstalling the Linux or is that space lost, because of the setup?

Please help!


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You'd have to create a partition for the rest of hda(x) to be mounted to it.

Oddly enough, you didn't mention a partition for your /swap partition. Is it missing, or did you not include it in your list of partitions?


Please copy & paste your /etc/fstab here so I can look at it. All the partitions you should need should've been created during install, but for whatever reason, I have no idea what it did. Without seeing your fstab entries, I have no idea what I'm looking at.

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