Hello, I recently started using vim, and decided it was about time to check out some plugins. I am still not very familiar, so my problems could be related to that fact! I started by installing vundle and using it I have installed a few top rated plugins, when I use PluginList it shows the following: vundle, nerdtree, buffergator, powerline, snipmate, easymotion, surround, matchit, fugitive, alternate. I do not believe it is just surround that isnt functioning, as I do not see the powerline displayed either. I have confirmed that i have nerdtree, and its safe to say I have vundle installed! I have not yet gotten to the others. When I try to follow the commands used in this video, I end up either in insert mode or deleting the lines im trying to surround with tags/quotes etc I am editing a file titled temp.html and all it contains is an html tag with "Hello world" in the middle, as in the video. It would be appreciated if someone could help me get this up and running! Perhaps it is caused by conflicts with other plugins that I am just unaware of yet? Thanks in advance

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First thing I'll suggest: Add one plugin at a time. Test it out, make sure it works, configure it. Trying to add several plugins at once and getting them all to work at the same time will be a hassle. If you have an issue with a particular plugin, feel free to post about it.

Alright, thanks for the advice! Is there a way to make it stop hassling me for my github details? It gets really annoying! Though I doubt I'll spend a lot of time installing plugins, If it asks me everytime I update for every plugin I'll end up in tears..

Well, you can give the documentation a read and see if there is an option to turn it off. I personally just use pathogen.

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