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Greetings everybody,

I require to use either Ubuntu & Windows. That is why, I want to set up both of these in a single PC.

When I tried to install Ubuntu, the installation page did not appear, even though I follow the link:

along with some other turkish instructions in official Turkish web site of Ubuntu.

When I re-started the PC, many times, I only achieved the black page saying that
"Advanced Startup Options"... I would like to ask you, what I could do to install Ubuntu?

Thanks in advance,

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Until you are comfortable with Ubuntu installation and configuration then I would recommend that you install Windows 7 as the host operating system, and install Ubuntu in a virtual machine such as VirtualBox (free). At least with a virtual machine you can remove/reinstall and reconfigure the OS as many times as you want without affecting the functioning host.

Refer to above reply, you can also try wubi installer which is avaiable in the ubuntu iso file. This program will allow to install ubuntu without efecting your hard drive. But make sure to download 64 bit image of ubuntu 12.04 as Wubi will not work in 32 bit edition.

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