When I plug in AC to my old Toshiba laptop red and white LED comes on. If I press the power button to turn the PC on there will be a blinking white light in between the power and charging LED which red and white but not fan spin. Or display on the screen. I have even tried connecting to external monitor yet no display. Pls help me

You left out details that might help. Always supply full model numbers, age and prior service. For example if it's years old I always try a new CMOS battery (cheapest part, might fix it, worth the risk.) Some feel that spending 1 dollar is too much a risk and maybe they are telling you they want a new laptop.

The symptoms are not a sure sign it's this or that but I'd try the new battery then the usual soft reset which is simple. Remove the power adapter, unplug the big battery then press and hold the power button for 60 seconds. Release, slip in the big battery, apply power and re-test.

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