I have an auxillary optical drive. It has been plugged in for a long time, but I almost never use it. I just noticed it has a DVD in it. Apparently, I downloaded an ISO of Linux Mint 19.1 with plans of learning the OS.

But just what 'type' of file is on the DVD? It doesn't seem to be usable in its present state. How can I render it usable, or should I just download another ISO? Properties says this is a CDFS File system.



Re: What Do I have Here? 80 80

To me that looks like a bootable disc. It's not very useful from Windows unless you wanted to run Linux in some Virtual Machine like VirtualBox.

There are so many tutorials on booting from your drive over the years. Even I noted it a while ago at http://tips.oncomputers.info/archives2004/0401/2004-Jan-11.htm and I'm sure there are thousands of pages about booting Linux.

Bootiing these discs are what I find folk stumble at. The disk is bootable. Not very useful if you are running Windows.

Re: What Do I have Here? 80 80

Thanks. Maybe I had plans to run it as a live DVD till I got to know more about it. I've done this with Ubuntu while having Windows installed.

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