I would be grateful for information regarding RAID and Ubuntu about hardware.

I want to build a computer that will be a Ubuntu computer with hot swap RAID 1 using SATA 2 (3Gb/s) hard disk drives.

1. Can I just get two SATA hard disk drives, install them in a caddy (for example a SATA 2 version of http://myahead.com/go/look/product.show_product?v_id=4734) and the connect the SATA cables directly from the caddies to the hard disk drive controller on the motherboard, leave the motherboard's software RAID functionality switched off, and then install Ubuntu using Linux's Multiple Device (md) feature which is installed with Ubuntu to create a software RAID system? I don't know if the end result would be hot swappable? The Ubuntu Wiki page on RAID (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Raid) recommends using md which is why I'm asking how to go about this. Or is the only way to get hot swap RAID, by using a real hardware RAID controller (e.g. 3Ware) to connect to the two disk drive caddies?

2. Does it matter whether using PATA hard disk drives or SATA hard disk drives?



should work. not sure about the HOTswap, but the usual raid1 functionality and redundancy are present. btw linux software raid is very easy to manage through webmin

i have a compaq proliant 1600r and its hotswap SCSI raid drivers work with linux