where are the nvidia RPM drivers for suse 8.2
I downloaded the run file but i cant seem to get it to work. I also dont want to have to compile stuff, i am not a programmer

Nvidia changed the format of their downloads. You can still install old .RPM versions of their drivers if you happen to have them handy. However, for their latest drivers, download the *.run file from their website. Then, set the permissions of this file to be executable by root. Login to a console as root and run the program by browsing to its location and then typing ./nvidia_drivers.run where nvidia_drivers.run is whatever file it is that you downloaded from the Nvidia site. No need to compile or any of that stuff - the file is already an executable, it just needs to be given executable permissions. Then, of course, edit the XF86Config or XF86Config-4 file the same way as always. (Read the nvidia how-to on their website for directions how to do this)

well how do i use a *.run file? typeing in the full name does nothing, typeing in the first part does nothing. I gave it exec premissions. i am new to linux so how do i execute this thing?

well i figured it out, just needed to use the sh command
now anothe issue, how do i do it from a pure console
how do i quit X completly in suse 8.2 i need to be out of x to install

Suppose there is a file called nvidia.run and it is located in /home/user
Therefore, the path to the file is /home/user/nvidia.run

What you do is browse to the directory that the file is located in

cd /home/user

Then, login as root and enter the root's password when prompted

su root

Make sure the file has root executable permissions

chmod 755 nvidia.run

Execute the run file


Then, edit the config file for the X server per the instructions on Nvidia's how-to on their website.

Ahh! You're right !!! I was completely wrong

you do

sh file.run



There's no shutdown X server in the GUI? The dirty way is to press Ctrl+Alt+F1 which will bring you to the console that controls your X server, and then press Ctrl+C to force the X session to end.