Well i got it to dual boot jst fine the only problem is that the sound card wont work. the network works great. so if you could help me find out whats wrong with the sound card drivers and where to find some. one more how do i get linux to see my data drive its a fat32 format i thought i heard that redhat 9 could see and used fat32 if this is wrong let me know also thanks for the help.

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Well i got it to dual boot just fine the only problem is that the sound card won't work.

I googled this for you, and I came up with the following information (the referenced laptop is a slightly earlier model): http://www.linuxlogin.com/laptop.php

Relevant quote re sound: "Default - had to add modules to /etc/modules.conf to load on boot" and something about a "Trident module." Since Mandrake is Red Hat-based, it should be similar.

It's based on an ALi chipset with AC '97 sound, so sound quality may be noticeably better for Windows than Linux.

do you konw how i would go about "load sound modules in /etc/modules.conf". i am pretty new to linux too so you know. i know the basics but thats about it

this is a common problem. i had it on mine. many current companies are useing back handed ways to insure that u use their version of windows. some of these can be easy to defeat, with time, however many cant be.
first what kind of laptop ios it
chances are it is a no go for atleast a while if it is a dell, compaq or gateway

well actually its a toshiba satellite, and i got the sound to work. all i did was run redhats up2date program and updated the kernal and now it works. i was pretty pumbed. :D
thanks for the willing to help tho. actually if you would know how to "load sound modules in /etc/modules.conf". cause im sure this would be a good thing to know since im learning linux.

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