Hello all,

Here we come!

I've changed my MDK 9.2 to a brand new SUSE 9.1 (K2.6).

Well I have a 256 Kb adsl link with a speedstream modem/router, that I convert to work as router and was working fine on MDK and still working fine with Win2k.

After the installation of SUSE, I've configured the 2 network devices with no problem.

eth0 as - to connect to my internal lan; (working fien)and
eth1 as - to connect to router (this is the only one that's see the router and receive the first address - from router DHCP internal server);

The gateway is (router defined);

The eth0 & eth1 are on fly, I can ping both, also I can ping the router on But if I try to ping, I can see the router leds blinking but the terminal had no response from router.

This router model has an internal page(http) to internal setting up as firewall, connection, log, etc. at that I can get into.

The connection with the external world is on, since I can capture the external IP on the main routers page. If I try to ping this address occurs the same as the gateway, the leds blink but the no response to ping command.

Well, I don't know what can i do!

maybe NAT or masq or firewall.

Could some one help me?

Thanks in advance.


:eek: :eek:

It could be a firewalling issue, disable any that you might have running (check the router's setup as well) and see if you can ping.

By the way- can you ping any external IP? Try Google: