I was trying to install YDL on my Mac G4. I succesfully created the partitions and made it to the first CD install. I noticed that when I asked for a graphical installation the X Server did not load and I think I was stuck with a text install. When it asked for the second disc it could not be mounted then it just did not work at all. I followed all the instructions, maybe I am missing something.

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It is possible that you have a bad second disk, or that you got caught up in the graphical installer but could not see what you were installing.

I did YDL on my G3 Laptop last year, and liked the environment. It is quite similar to RedHat. I like OS X better due to the "macness" and smooth desktop navigation, but YDL is a nice nice OS. If I had to choose OS 9 or YDL, I would use YDL, assuming all I needed to work would work (such as palm, printing, internet).

Try doing it all in Text. See where it gets you. If not, re-download disk 2 and try again. To be honest, I have done a lot more Text installs than graphics.

Let us know how it works.


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