So heres the scoop. I'm running ubuntu with kde (basically kubuntu with more packages) on a laptop with limited space. I got this laptop from my school, and i have a partition with windows xp that i need to keep on so that my school doesnt freak on me. They only let me on the wireless with windows so i need to run windows and linux at once somehow. As i said, i have vmware installed and i set it to boot into /dev/sda2 (my windows partition). When i try to boot into windows using vmware, it gives me some crazy error and tells me to repair it. I can boot into the partition (outside of vmware) fine. So is it possible at all to boot into a seperate partition of a hard drive i am using in vmware? also do you guys have any suggestions to get me running windows? i dont want to boot straight into it because this computer is amazingly slow and im in love with linux.

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So your saying you wwant to run ubuntu and windows at the same time?

If so go to vmware and create a ubuntu partition and then install ubuntu and then you can run ubuntu inside windows

but im only 14 and im just beginnging to learn vmware so have a go

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