Hello all,

i am currently using Ubuntu-7.10.
i have Amd Athlon 2800 + process with 512 MB ram and LG's 15" monitor.

Now after installing a os when i had rebooted m/c it was giving me one error.
it just get stuck at after grub menu, for 20sec. and giving message that.

"Out of Frequency"

"Power Management 20Sec."

After that, i have to wait for 20sec. then it automatically starts.

can anybody help me to resolve this error.

Any help will be appriciate.

It'll update your initramfs image (which is not the same as an initrd image, by the way) for your current kernel. This is probably to update your changes from the usplash.conf file (usplash is loaded from the initial RAM filesystem, not from the boot partition).

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