Occasionally you see something exciting, which is why I'm very pleased to tell you about WorkSnug - a new iPhone app, also coming to Android, I was shown by the founder a day or so ago.

It's one of those things that addresses a need you didn't know you had before. You take your iPhone 3Gs (and it does need that GPS function), you open the application and - as long as you're in a city that's covered - you hold the camera lense up to the street. You see the street on the screen but the clever bit is that you have an overlay of directions to the nearest publicly-available WiFi access.

Touch the various names of the access places and it goes further - you get a write-up on the venue, whether it's actually an eaterie or somewhere more congenial for work, and what the noise level is like. The start-up has been sponsored by Plantronics, so as you might imagine if the noise level is going to be bad you get information on the headsets available for Skype and other audio-related stuff.

It's going to be free when it's approved on the Apple iTunes store, and there will be the opportunity to leave feedback on the various venues. London will be the first city covered with San Francisco coming soon. If I had the 3Gs I'd be signing up on day one.