DVD Jon bites Apple on ### again

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Jon Lech Johansen is perhaps best known as DVD Jon, the chap who cracked DVD movie encryption at the tender age of just 15. He may soon have to adopt a new nickname, how about iTunes Jon, as he releases software that takes iTunes out of the iPod music equation.

doubleTwist exists on the foundation that in the same way you don't have a different web browser for every web site that you visit, you shouldn't have to have different software when you use an iPod, a Nokia smartphone, a Sony device and so on. "The typical household today has many such devices" the company website says "there is a need for a simple and powerful software that connects them." Which is where the newly released software comes in, and iTunes goes out the door.

doubleTwist co-founder Monique Farantzos has even gone as far as to describe Apple as the new Microsoft, referring to a dark side that has emerged with apps being blocked from the App Store for example, and the Palm pre not being allowed to sync with iTunes. And so we now have a piece of software that has all the functionality of iTunes, but does not restrict the user to just an iPod or even just to iTunes for that matter. doubleTwist will, so I am informed, allow iPod users to buy their music from the Amazon MP3 store if they prefer. That said, it's the ability to play an iTunes library of music on any device that really appeals to me.

Apple must be getting very fed up indeed with DVD Jon, especially after an advert was placed alongside the San Francisco Apple Store back in June to encourage people to turn their backs on iTunes and the iPhone. Not forgetting the 1984 video parody made by Johansen casting Steve Jobs as Big Brother, for good measure.

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Wal-Mart has a dark side, too. It refuses to let K-mart put its merchandise on Wal-Mart shelves. So I'm dumping Wal-Mart for, let's see, what merchandizer freely allows competitors to sell goods in its stores?

Well, anyway, I'm dumping Apple for all those free market companies that let competitors use their proprietary software for free. That means I'll turn to, let me see, uh. Know of anyone?

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I hate iTunes with a passion, but love my iPhone with an equal passion. Might have to give this doubleTwist thing a look.

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Companies just do not seem to realize that someone will find a way to neutralize their intent to force a user only to use certain software or products?

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Actually, I won't be giving this a try right now as it appears doubleTwist does not support the iPhone 3.0 OS only iPhone 2.0 at the moment. Damn it.

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I agree wholeheartedly with hembreeder. Apple doesn't deserve the crap they get for not wanting to give away their hard work and good name to just everyone who wants to ride their coattails. At least DVDJon & doubleTwist have developed and are supporting their own software, and are not just whining that Apple has some sort of obligation to allow them to piggyback onto iTunes. (Are you listening, Palm?) iTunes is by no means perfect. As an organizational tool, it is pretty flawed (especially on the video side of things). So far, though, no one offers any software that is significantly better, If doubleTwist can do so, more power to them.

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