I would like to know how i do a complete fresh install of mac leopard on my man mini.
It says in the disc utility that it is a 80 gig harddrive & come up as 74.8 , i know this is normal but i just want to make sure there isnt any old stuff on the hard drive before i install leopard.
Any help would be great
Thank you

In the installation options, make sure you choose "Erase and Install". If you're really paranoid, start up Disk Utility from the Utilities menu. You can then completely erase your hard disk (i.e. writing 0s all over the disk).

I think i have sorted it !
What i did was format a external 20 gig hard drive in fat32 on my windoze pc (you can format any hard drive under 32mb in fat32 & macs can read and write from it)
Then i will be able to erase the original mac mini harddrive & install leopard in mac os extended (journaled) & then do a complete erase & install of leopard.
I will let you know how i get on.
In the process of it right now

All sorted now removed all the partitions as above & installed leopard