Hi, I have a G3 computer with OS 8.5 installed. Other system profiler items are Memory Disk cache 1MB Hardware overview 406 iMac G3 processor 233 MHz 512 K.
Can someone help me to know what OS I can upgrade to and if I can make the jump to that OS using only the upgrade disk for that system or do i need to get several upgrades?
Once I am up to that OS will I be able to purchase the adobe Cs2s? Thanks for any help.

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Well, that's the original iMac. The "best" it can run is Panther (OS X 10.3). But it'll be REALLY slow. AND you HAVE to max out the RAM on it, and that depends on which rev you have, A maxes out at 384 or B maxes out at 512. And the HD is likely too small to install OS X on and some apps and then store data. It's only a 4GB hard drive. And finally, to me it looks like the MINIMUM specs for Adobe's Creative Suite (I assume that's what you're talking about?) is just above what that iMac can do. If you COULD install it and get it working, it would be PAINFULLY slow. I suggest it time to upgrade to a newer Mac.

Thank you , that's what I wanted to know. Time for new one!

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