Wonder if anyone could help me with a little problem. I need to upload a folder onto a web site. The site asks me to 'choose file'. I want to send the whole folder, not just a single file, but, because of OSX's column system, it just keeps giving me the files from said folder to choose from. Is there any way i can select the folder only with all files inside? Alternatively is there a way that I can select all files in a folder and send as a batch? :rolleyes:

Would REALLY appreciate some tips on this one PLEASE!! P.S am running 10.3.7 Panther

try clicking and dragging the files if that is supported on your ftp or http client

Or zip the folder into a single file.
Right click on the folder and select 'Create Archive of "Folder name"' - this will create a zip file of the folder with all contents intact in the same location as the original folder - then you only have one file to upload.

I'm pretty sure that's what the web-site means anyway - Web sites really don't want people uploading entire folders (well not as folders anyway) - there's a huge risk that an uploaded folder with the wrong name could overwrite something vital to the functionality of the site. Imagine your folder was called 'images', 'media', 'pages', 'http' or 'database' or something along those lines :D