I'm brand new to this discussions, and these groups in general. I'm trying to find a program that will read/open Office Publisher documents. Does anyone have any ideas? thanks

And I just found the answers, by reading through your other posts. I guess there is no way. I'm glad you're out there to answer my questions.


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Not on the Mac platform.

thanks for the reply. appreciated!

No,i think mac is a theme which make operating system to look so beautiful.



They do not, but Publisher is horrible with compatibility cross platform (even cross PCs)

If you are making and printing or making and converting to PDF it is great, and simple. But. If you have to share it (say to a publishing/printing house) they won't be able to use the file They use InDesign 90% of the time.

Printers can usually and usually do use PDFs that is what they normally make the file you send them.

Publishers on the other hand turn PDFs away. Word documents even ones created in NeoOffice saved as Windows .doc can do many of the tings you want (I have mimicked my bosses newsletter when hers was unfixable, she never knew.) They will accept in pinch but they hate you for it. But the feeling is mutual when it prints beautifully like I told them it would after a heated argument on the phone. Just keep generic fonts or give them the font filed publishers love you when you give them free fonts.

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