If I had an internal MIDI THRU working, I could eliminate a few pieces of rack mount gear, and just use USB to connect my MIDI modules. I found this, and it seems that it's all there:


I've having trouble finding:


Where is that?
Thanks, and many thanks for the other answers/comments to my earlier questions!

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That wonderful learning curve...
I didn't realize that you needed to install the Developer's tools separately from the Tiger DVD.
I did that and found the files I was looking for.
I will now attempt to copy the example.

Well, here it is...
I'm trying to get a MIDI THRU working on my OS 4.11 G4.
So I installed the Developer package and yes, in Developer/Examples/CoreAudio/MIDI/SampleTools there's "Echo.cpp".

Can someone tell me where I should put "Echo.cpp" to make it active?


comment: it's a little bit like if the first time you learned to ride a bike they made you learn how to make the chain from scratch...

I don't know anything about the program itself, but I can tell you how to compile it:

1. In /Developer/Examples/CoreAudio/MIDI/SampleTools, there's a file named "SampleTools.xcodeproj". Double click on this file, and it will open in Xcode.

2. In the Xcode project window, look for "Active Build Configuration". Change it from "Development" to "Deployment".

3. Hit the "Build" button.

4. After it's finished compiling, you should find the command line tool in the subfolder build/Deployment/midiecho.

Thanks John A, I will keep that info and try that to learn about this.
The initial problem that lead to this thread has be resolved. There's a free download at:
It's a basic MIDI Patchbay that does include a MIDI THRU.
I can run this program and then leave it and go to eBay, play YouTube vids and such and my keyboard's MIDI signal will be routed to my sound module, which is what a MIDI THRU does.
I've been using it for several days and it seems to be glitch free, great with QMidi to play keys.
Thanks everybody for your help.

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