Hello there,

I am currently researching in order to write an article on the quality of apple's customer care. If anyone has had any problems with them or great successes I would be incredibly grateful if you could contact me.

I will fully quote you, should you wish, and rest assured that I am not the type of person who twists words.

You can contact me through Daniweb or email me at <snip>

Many thanks,

Victoria Thomas.

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Apple is consistently rated as the #1 company for customer service by a number of articles I've seen. Checkout Consumer Reports also. They always have great ratings.

When I've had to call them for support in the past (now I just goto their HQ, the joys of being a developer working with Apple) I've always been satisfied with the help I've gotten. The staff is knowledgeable and if they cannot find the answer to your question, they don't just make something up, they offer to find out and call you back.

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