hello, first time poster on this website.

first, thank you to everyone who decides to even view this thread, i appreciate your concern.

So my boss is breathing down my neck big time about getting some videos posted on youtube.com. im a film student, and so he has me doing film editing.... However he also expects me to be able to upload things on the net without problems.

so i have uploaded 3 files onto youtube without any problems. but now i have tried posting two different videos onto youtube, and each one will gradually turn.... GREEN! kinda like Hulk! lol

here is a link to my gradually green video, and my boss turning into the hulk. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-G024Itw7Q

i have aimersoft video converter, and have been using it for each of my videos online. i havent done anything major to my computer, nor have i edited the film to make it gradually green, as another employee had thought.

one thing that has changed about my video uploading process is from the youtube site itself. after about 10 minutes of the video uploading, a page loads up saying:
"Safari could not open the page “http://lax-v19.lax.youtube.com/my_videos_post” because the server is not responding."
Well i got that same message 6.27.08 and on 6.30.08. youtube is a major website and i am sure that it is not having issues for everyone trying to post new videos.

please help... boss... breathing... on me.... right..... now......

More information, please. What was the source format of the video (what you inputted into the converter), and what format did Aimersoft output the video as? Did the converted video have any green, or did this problem only occur after it was uploaded to YouTube?

first i am editing the videos with final cut pro 6. after i finish editing i export them as quicktime movie videos (.mov)
im using aimersoft converter to convert the .mov files into .flv files.

so on aimersoft i can watch a preview of what the file looks like, and while the video progresses forward the video begins to turn green.

now if i take .mov files and try to load it straight onto youtube it does the same thing. this is because youtube will automatically convert the file to an .flv, if it is not already that kind of file.

so basically anytime im conerting to .flv file its turning green.

Interesting, I've never heard of this happening before. Try this: in iMovie, export to iPod instead of QuickTime, which should result in a .m4v file (MP4). Then try uploading that directly to YouTube (after making sure that the m4v file doesn't contain any green).

confused..maybe it is on your mov file
try some other converters like ffmpeg.. if the same problem happpened, maybe your mov file can not be encode

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