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Jeeze.. just keep poting about this..

well if someone would actually give me some useful information i would stop. i need something other than iChat.
oh yeah and yellow, learn how to spell. ;)


Sure thing, Captain.

I believe there was a suggestion above, to use iChat. Beyond that, without you being an admin user, you're pretty much screwed. But keep on poSting and asking.


I see three other threads on the same subject. djlethal109, please keep your request for help to one thread. If no one responds within a reasonable timeframe, then post in that thread again to bring it back to the top of the forum listing (but don't bump it constantly, like every hour). If help is not forthcoming, then perhaps there is no answer to your problem or maybe you should try elsewhere. I will leave this thread open for now and lock the others.


does anybody know of a very small network messaging program that doesn't need to be installed just unzipped or somethin. thanks

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