:( My business manager came to me yesterday with a problem. She clicks onto the shortcut for Internet Explorer and gets the error message above, with no new information on how to rectify the problem.

Tech info - IE6 +SP2; Win2000 OS, Dell Dimension; LAN connected, 512MB DDR2100, Pentium 4 1.8GHz (pre HT)

Note the following - I have ashed her to use RealPlayer's browser to download Mozilla Firefox and another version of IE from Microsoft.com. We have been looking at the MS Knowledge Base and feel quite uneducated after the experience.

Any suggestions on what to do? I fear that by uninstalling and reinstalling IExplorer, given it's close relationship with the OS, I would be causing more harm than good.

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There should be a way to perform a repair on Internet Explorer via the IE Setup program.

You are right about IE´s close relationship with Windows. Take your original Win2000 CD and just reinstall. Be sure not to pick the choice of installing a new version, it will wipe out your hard disk.

But when you choose the option (not sure exactly what it says) of reinstalling, (it will be obvious what it does), then it should repair the IE files, and anything else that is corrupted, without touching any of your other files...I´ve done it before and ti works!

Once you are able to get online with it, you should go to Windows Update and get the Critical Updates for your system (SP4).

1) I think this is some kinda plug in problem ... disable IE plugins and then try again ..

2) You can try IEFIX to repair or reinstall internet explorer .... download it from here :


Uncheck the two check boxes (if they're checked), insert windows cd and then click apply.

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