Can anyone help me understand something. I'm using OS X 10.3.6, i want to know if can remove most or all of 9.2.2 with out hurting my current OS X. I'd like to make room on my disk.



It depends on what you are using for software base. If you have eliminated *ALL* of your OS 9 materials, and you are certain that you will not need them tomorrow, then you may remove those 9.2.2 materials. I would keep the System Folder intact, however, to minimize restoration time.

Remember that an OS 9 System folder holds all the cards in the deck... you can migrate it off to a CD-ROM and bring it back if you needed to.

If you really have a space crunch problem, perhaps it is time for a new larger drive, or to migrate some of those things that you don't use and won't use anymore. Static files, such as music, may be migrated off to CD/DVD Roms if you need the space.

Just be sure to make backups of whatever you remove. You never know when you will need them again.