Well, its a long story how i ended up deleting my Utility folder on Mac, but i did it and i don't know what to do:'( !! I do not want to reinstall the whole system, as many of my programs can not be reinstalled, therefor i need to find a way to recover that Utility folder!! If any1 can help, please do it.

to use Time Machine the app requires you to have an external drive attached to the mac or you could use Time Capsule or AirDisk. You can use USB and I choose to use an External Drive that is 2x the size of my Mac HD because the bigger the External drive the longer back in time you can go!

But either way once you connect the external drive that you wish to use go into your Apps folder to find Time Machine. From there you turn it on and set the external drive you just attached (there is a wizard so its real easy to do). Then it will start the first back up, it will take a while depending on how big your Mac HD is and how much you have on it. Then after that is done as long as your external drive remains attached to your Mac every hour Time Machine will make backups of all the files that have CHANGED since the last back up!!

So in this case if you deleted your Utility Folder you would go to the Time Machine app, go back 1 hour and use the Finder to locate the Utility Folder and click restore at the bottom of the screen and then just like that, it puts the Folder right back where it was.

thx, dude ill try that

Thanks all are good

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