A Mac NooB here perhaps some of you here can help. Just to preface, I am using a 17in i-Mac G4, 512mb RAM, 80Gb HD, 1 Ghz. Below is an explanition of my problem(s)

While trying to back up some photos by burning them onto a CD, I encontered a few problems.

My first attempt was to burn the photos onto a 650MB Sony CD-RW and just as it is almost finished at the 'verifying' stage, the CD is automatically ejected and a box that states "You have inserted a disk that contains no volumes that OSX can read"

So I switch to a 700mb Sony CDR and the burning process does not even get that far. The CD is ejected and a warning states " Sorry, the operation could not be completed because of an unexpected error occurence" Error '3'.

Up until now I have had little time to do any backing up, so I thought that I would spend a free day backing up all the important doucuments, photos, ect. I have had in the past had no problems backing up so this caught me quite by surprise.

BTW, I am not using any 3rd part software, like Toast, just the good ol' fashion Apple 'drag & burn'

Any help would be greatly apperciated.


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Here are the 2 warnings that I recieve. The first if from after attempting to burn a CDRW, the 2nd is from a CDR.


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