What software can I use to compress and back-up an image of my drive to DVD-R?

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before you go starting to backup your files, do you know anyone eles with a g5 with osx .X because you could use the remote boot feature :)

Nope, no one else with a G5. However, i do also own an iMac G4 running OS X but it's not at home with me ATM. In any case, I just want some way to keep a back-up of files on hand just in case ... nothing I'm going to use ATM.

well the best thought i had was remote boot as ive seen this help in alot of the time >.>

backup to be honest i have no clue usualy on my pc i just move everythi8ng to an extra drive

Well here's the thing. My mac has two drives (each with one partition). I used to use one of the drives and back-up to the other. However, I just decided to raid the two drives together 'n' stripe them (raid0) so now I just have one giant partition.

I do not understand the madness of your logic. You state that you have two internal drives you want to stripe together and yet you with to backup to DVD? It makes no sense. The G4 iMac came with only one internal drive and on top of that, it is a PowerPC CPU. The last G4 to enter the market was July 2004. Thats more that 7 years ago!
Should you be actually using this because of some special software which I am at a loss at what it could be, Use DropBox to store whatever you might use, which really cannot be much. These days of 1T drives, using a DVD for backup is simply not practical. By the time you calculate out the partitions and how many dozens of disks, not to mention the labelling. It would not be a practical way of backing up. Just to throw you out an example for 1T of data; min 20 DVD's @ 10 min to burn. That is a minimum 3 hour task that you would have to be on top of for the whole time.
Best thing you could do is retire the G4 and/or go back to your old configuration... by the way, there was no option to put another drive in a G4 unless you got rid of the DVD. I am not going to touch on how you installed your OSX on a Raid setup.
Please, If you wish to post something in the Mac Forums, at least do some research on your question. You should stick with what you know, PeeCees.

commented: Rude at the end and posting to Dani herself no less. -1

Er, macmad who are you referring to? The poster than post that useless post 5 days ago makes no sense to reply him/her. Not counting that, the last post is in 2003.

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