So I've been using my Powerbook for about four months now and you couldn't take it away from me without violence. I've been able to fix the few minor problems that I've had by simply consulting this forum.

In fact, the only REAL problem with my entire Mac experience so far has been getting the thing physically into my possession.

You see, I'm in the military and am stationed in Afghanistan. All our mail goes to an Armed Forces Post Office (APO), which is a part of the USPS. Apple will only ship with UPS and Fedex, who will not ship to APOs because at some point they would have to work with USPS, who they compete with.

To get my Powerbook, I had to spend literally months looking on Ebay before I found a sellar I trusted who had what I was looking for and who would actually ship to an APO. And, I wasn't able to get the government employee, educational and veteran's discounts that I would have gotten had I been able to order from Apple. It's the same story with every add-on and piece of software I want to order.

So, my request is this: please drop Apple a line and tell them to change this ridiculous shipping policy. Hundreds of thousands of military personnel and DOD civilians are being denied access to these exceptional computers because of it.


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Can't you work with someone in your family back in the states? Have the mac shipped to them and then forwared on to you? WHy can't you ship UPS or FedEX to you? Do they not ship overseas, which I would find hard to believe?

Alternately, there are other groups that sell Mac hardware/software that you could use that have no such foolish shipping restrictions..

P.S., While I don't support GWB, his policies, or his wars.. I DO support you, it's not like you had a choice to be where you are. Be safe, come home in one piece, and thanks for everything!