Hi - I am new to the site and am hoping one of you out there will know what I have forgotten to do here...

I am the only Apple (PowerBook G4) on a windows network in our office. I had my laptop set up just fine to work on a network running SBS 2000 until this last weekend when the server was upgraded to SBS 2003. The new server has a different IP address and domain name and to start with nothing worked at all.

However, I have under System preferences in Network edited my office location so it has the DNS server with the new IP address and put the new domain name in the search domains box. I am getting an IP adress assigned by the server using DHCP. I am not using proxies, PPoE or ApppleTalk and did not previously.

Under Utilities / Directory Access I have configured SMB to the new IP address and workgroup name. After reading an article on the web about this and using a workaround, this appears to be the only thing that is working in terms of connecting to the server. I can mount the server drive and get access to files there. What I can't do is get Entourage to get my email and I can't browse with either Safari or Internet Explorer over my ethernet connection to the server.

I ran traceroute and got no further than the server - can't get out onto the internet.

Have I forgotten to do something fundemental? (probably!) Or is it more devious - like I need to erase some old information in some file somewhere? (Along those lines I erased the keychain entries that worked on the old server).

Thanks for any input and sorry for the length of the question! ........ GD

(I tried to post this earlier but it didn't seem to go - I apolgize if I did it twice)