I just got G5 PPC Mac the user who gave it to me claims that it "died during an update. It will not boot from the CD. It was running 10.5 and I have the disk. Using the C key with 2 keyboards. I booted into the open firmware using opt-cmd--o-f . Open firmware is requiring a password. So I pulled the battery on the motherboard and left it unplugged for a few minutes. No luck still wants’ a password. Dropped in more ram and reset the pram 3X. It still wants a password. I have asked the user if she had to enter a password to boot up and she said no just at the normal log in. So I'm guessing that the firmware is corrupt and since I can't boot from a cd I don't know how to reload it. Any ideas?

insert the disk, then restart the computer when you hear the startup sound hold the option key until a series of drives appers the disk should be one of them, click on it(or use the arrowkeys to navigate to it and hit enter) it will boot from the disk, if the disk dosnt show up make sure you have a genuine install disk