I just purchased my first mac yesterday and I would really like to have AIM on it since that is what all of my friends use. I am having problems downloading the AIM installer from AIM.com.. Whenever I click on dl the file name aim.bin comes up to be dled and when I open that file it takes me to Microsoft Excel and that file can not be opened
If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much.
If this post is not allowed on here I will be happy to remove it.

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Cool! Congratulations!

If you want to chat with your friends using AIM you can use iChat which is the little blue speech bubble on your dock it has like a white camera on it. You can set it up to talk on AIM

I don't know why the download isn't working


I use a program called Adium that allows me to do AIM and Yahoo and MSN and others. It is just like gaim under Linux and Windows. Getting Gaim to work under Mac OS X can be a pain in the rump... go with Adium.

Enjoy your new mac,


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