Hello, I'm looking for assistance in setting up IP Port Forwarding using my mac as a server. I would use my router, but i has problems being directly connected to my internet connection.

I was using a Linux box running Fedora Core 3 and IP Tables. The machine more or less blew a fuse and I had an extra mac that was not being used so I decided to set it up. But I cannot get it to forward ports to my internal network. I mainly want to forward ports for VNC use on my WinTel box that does not have ssh.

I tried the 2 programs that Yellow recomended and sun doesn't work with 10.4 and brick doesn't do it as far as I can tell.

If you could lend some advice on command line usage of ipfw that would be great.


I have done some searching on IPTABLES and OSX, and have not found anything to help you out with. My only mac with OS X on it does not have two network connections, so I am not able to try anything and test it either.

I also moved the post out of the tips and tricks area, so that others can find it. Perhaps Yellow has seen something else that may work.