So I am in an apartment using a WRT54GS Linksys router. I am having some major wireless problems.

Layout of the apartment.

I have tried resetting the router, changing the channel. Upgraded the firmware and nothing seems to get the signal any better. I am in the same room and I only get 4 of 5 on the signal indicator.

Also I have done a few speed tests.
Wireless - DL (3.31mb/s) UL (1.72mb/s)
Connected to modem directly
DL (27.96mb/s) UL (1.78mb/s)

The router seems to just kill the signal and I have no idea what else to do. There are very few walls in the way. Also, linksys refuses to help since the router is 1 month out of warranty.

All computers are running Mac OSX 10.5.

I have had intermittent signal boosts after changing the channel again, however, nothing strong enough to call 100%.

You will never get 100%

Its rare to get about 85% signal strength even when you are right next to it, usually 60-75 indoors.

Linksys routers normally have a port for you to plug in an external directional antenna if you want to maybe mount it in a better location.

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