I have both a imac 333mhz running os9.2 and a powerbook running os10.3. Is there any way I can get my imac to boot up from the power book. The reason for this is to format the imac and reinstall the system

I'm confused, why are you needing to do it that way?

Is there a bigger issue that can maybe be solved without formatting the disk?

The problem is that it will not except any system disk that I give it. Neither os 9 or os 10. I have tried everything that I can to get either of these systems on, however nothing seems to work. The original install disks where mislade in the last office move so I have not tried these. As it does not have firewire I can not boot system 10 from an externall source, and I do not have os X server. So I do not have netboot.

Any suggestions you have will be greatly recived and tried out asap.

So when you're inserting the Install CD's are you holding the C key to boot from CD or are you trying to let the hard drive load the OS and mount the CD's that way?

If the iMac doesn't have firewire, you're not going to be able to use the iBook to install OS X on the iMac.