I was trying to install a Linux distro alongside my Tiger installation today. I stopped because I wasn't going to be able to install it without wiping the data off of my hard drive. Now, when I start up my computer, it has the flashing question mark folder. When I start up off of my Tiger DVD, it shows 4 partitions of my hard drive (one is the main one where my data is - 141+ GB), but I'm not able to mount any of the partitions (so I can't reinstall the OS without erasing everything). Can anyone help me?

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This problem obviously would have been resolved by now but if someone else comes across this thread wanting some kind of solution........

Start up the mac with the option key held down so you can see your bootable partition with your information hopefully on it. Boot from that partition by double clicking on it or clicking the little arrow beneath it once.
When it has finished booting open disk utilities and unmount the extra partitions that have been created by clicking on them then going to unmount from the top menu. Once they are unmounted you can delete them and create a single partition from them which you can then install your Linux distro onto. There are also applications out there such as VolumeWorks that you can use to merge your extended partition with your primary/boot partition.

Hope this helps someone at some point.

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