my boyfriend is having problems with his mouse. he has an imac computer with snow leapord and he is using a laser mouse by dell. that mouse always worked for him but for some reason it isnt moving at all, it's been doing that the entire day. i told him to unplug the mouse and replug it back in. he did that and it doesnt work. i don't have a mac, so i dont know much about troubleshooting it.

he does have a wireless mouse, but it needs batteries. how can he troubleshoot his mouse for his mac computer? if someone could gimme the steps ill tell him on the phone how to do it.

Go to Dell and look for mouse drivers for Mac OS X under Support. It should have all basic functions out of the box.
Some drivers for mice, although said to be Snow Leopard compatible, are not or not very compatible.
I have an $80 Logitech laser mouse that if I install their driver, freezes my machine after a while of use and renders it unusable until I either archive and install the operating system or erase and install same.
Such a shame that correspondence with Logitech on this issue left me feeling that they don't care and are not going to try to fix their driver.
So, make sure, if he finds and installs a mouse driver, that he backs up all before installation of the driver.

Good luck.