I have a Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi2 with Vista Home Premium. Ya, I know. I should be shot for it. I tried to put XP pro on it and finally took it in and they said Toshiba didn't write some dll that can run XP Pro on this laptop. Gates is forcing us into 7? Considering he wants lots of people dead (check YouTube for "Bill Gates EXPOSED! Wants Major Depopulation Through Vaccine") I wouldn't be surprised.

Anyway, I have, among other problems, a slow mouse. It is the one thing that drives me nuts. I speeded it up in the control panel but in the past, that caused other problems. After a reboot it goes back to it's slow mode. It seems to move ok to the right but moving to the left takes lots of rolls of the trackball. (Vista is a right-wing program?)

I have the Norton suite from Comcast, Real Player (which is a problem all it's own), StumbleUpon, AdAware, IE, Mozilla and Addicting Games for the grandkids but I watch them when they play on it. That's all I can figure that would be a possible source of the problem. I'm very cautious about web sites. Wife has her own desktop for shopping. She has lots of problems with it. (I had to change her email once because she was getting returned email in Russian selling what looked like sheds for the back yard. She, being from Poland, said no, those are houses. {SAY WHAT?})
So, any ideas?
Thank you in advance,
Bob (the other Bob)

Clean track ball you may have to remove ball to clean tracking sensors(gently),use Walgreen Drug Stores Eye Glasses Lens Wipes available in 30ct or 120ct item#507698 boxes good for monitor screen also. Next fix buy new mouse. Next fix up to Win 7. Later---

Been there. Did that. Wife works at Walgreens. Tried Sears Optical stuff too. Cloth and spray. New mouse does the smae thing. I'm tempted to try a 3 pound sledge.

The 3 pounder worked great on the bathroom tiles and wall but not so good on the cast iron tub. (I ignored a leak and it chewed the porcelain real good and the drain clogged up a lot from the old mechanism that plugged the tub and broke off into the drain.). It clogged over time. (THAT'S MY HAIR! I wondered where it went!)
It took a young son of a friend with his youthful energy and a 6 pound sledge to do the job. My friend wrote a program for the Chicago Fire Dept. training manuals and sued the city when they stole it. He won.

Not much movement on this web site. Is this a phoney site for the NWO?

I wasn't joking about dusting vista outta there that's how I cured my vista problems on my X205 SLi2 now running Win7 home premium 64bit on all same hardware.Later---

Thanks for this information i had checked the youtube video there is lots problem with it.