After typing out a document in iWork consisting of three or four pages, I then want to print it out in duplex (printing on both sides of the page). Is this possible. d.

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Go to the Print dialog (I believe cmd-P), go to Presets, then Layout, and then choose one of the two options (long-edge/short-edge). Assuming your printer supports double-sided printing, it should work.

Hello coil.
No, afraid not, not for me anyway. When I go to the print dialog then Presets ( which is the one below the name of the printer) I get

Last used settings
Save as

I have Snow Leopard if that means anything. I don't see a "Layout" on the drop down any where.

One other thing, and you can tell me to mind my own business if you wish, what is a "Junior Poster in Training? d.

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Hm. Try this:

Go to Print dialog, and beside the little drop-down box with the printer name, there's a little arrow. Press it, and the dialog should expand with a whole bunch of options. One should say "Two-sided", and if your printer supports it, you should be able to select it.

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Hi coil.
Well, I have i got a right one here. Got the drop down as you directed but there was nothing obvious but, down towards the bottom there was a box with the word "Safari" in it and an arrow on the right for a drop down, did that and this is what I got.
Colour Matching
Paper Handling
Cover Page
Below all these but, all crossed out are.

Quality Media071200a
Colour Options071200a
Special Effects071200a
Borderless Print071200a
Duplex Print071200a

When I clicked on Duplex Print this is what came up.

The Bundle "Duplex Print071200a" couldn't be loaded because it doesn't contain a version for the current architecture .
Contact the bundle's creator listed here for the latest version.
DuplexPrint071200a version 7.12.0 copyright Canon Inc 2001-2008 All

When I clicked on any of the items that were crossed out each one gave the same answer.

What one might call, food for thought. d.

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I think what it's trying to tell you is that your printer software for duplex printing doesn't work on Snow Leopard.

Try doing a search for the latest drivers from your printer's manufacturer and installing them.