Hi, all. I'm brand new on this site and really don't have much professional expertise to offer in the computer field; I'm mainly a semi-retired freelance writer & photographer. I was hoping someone might be able to help me solve a really strange problem: whenever I'm using Safari and filling out a form on a website that requires me to list my address, the first digit of my zip code ALWAYS disappears when I hit "continue" or "submit." The only way I can get it to go through is to depress the key for that first digit JUST as I'm clicking "submit" or "continue" using my mouse. Sometimes I have to do it a few times & time it just right to get it to work, It's driving me NUTS! Anyone ever heard of this & know of a solution?
BTW, I'm using MAC OS 10.3.9 and Safari 1.3.2 on a G4 machine. Thanks!

That's an odd one. Be proud that you figured a temporary workaround!

I have no clues, so hopefully somebody else knows of this issue.

Best of luck,

Hi . . .
I'm new to DaniWeb today. Like passcribe, I have a problem when entering a zero at the beginning of a form field. When the field fills automatically, the zero is missing. I enter it manually, then it disappears again. This doesn't happen with all websites in which I enter a zip code, but happens in enough to be extremely frustrating. Did you ever resolve your problem, passcribe?

I'm using Safari 1.3.2; I'm afraid to upgrade because I may encounter more problems than currently exist. Safari quits on many websites . . . I no longer "send a report to Apple" because I feel it goes into a black hole.

Thanks for any suggestions to resolve my problem!

Hi, Marlene. No, I never found a solution to my "lost zip code digit" problem and I received very few replies or suggestions; I guess it's not a serious enough problem for anyone to address. I HAVE gotten VERY good at typing in a "1" at the same time that I advance to the next screen so my zip code retains all the numbers.

I also am using Safari 1.3.2 because it is the latest version designed for my OS 10.3.9 and I don't feel a need to spend the extra bucks for a later OS. Whenever I want to be sure my browser stays connected, I simply use Firefox; it's more secure than Safari but more succeptable to "dead end" links. Besides, if you're posting on eBay, Firefox is the only way to access the full tool set for customizing your ad post.

commented: Since no one else is helping, she's figuring it out for both. +6

Thanks for your quick response, passcribe! It is soooooooo nice to know I'm not the only person with this problem. I tried your solution and it works!!! My zip begins with a zero, so I assumed it was the zero giving me the problem, not every first zip digit.

I'm also on OS X 10.3.9. I haven't attempted Firefox as yet.

Anyone else out there with this problem???

Thanks in advance . . .

I think that is a website problem. What I imagine is happening is that the website assumes that you are trying to send something like 010+1 = 11 where the zero out in front is unnecessary