Does anyone know of a robust samba browser that will let me browse my Windows shares on 10.3? Finder is too quirky for me - especially in Panther.

is linneighboorhood available for OS X?

I'll bet that you can compile it, or maybe it's available through Fink...

I've already looked at LinNeighborhood ... it seems that it's available as a tarball and as well as an RPM. Unfortunately, it's not available through Fink although there is mention of a Debian package. (AFAIK Fink is a port of Debian?)

I'm new to macs and pretty leery about compiling/installing a linux package as I've never done it before (other than through Fink).

Fink uses the apt-get system with a special binary repository. I really doubt that the binary release for the Debian install would work for OS X, even if you got a PPC version.

..There's also xsmbrowser that's available for Linux. If you have the X server and Fink running on your Mac, then you should have the appropriate tools available to you for compiling a package from source.

Compiling a program isn't that bad, really-- just make sure you have the required libraries and programs installed. Most tarballs are really easy to compile. You unpack the tarball:

tar -xvzf tarball-foo-1.27.tar.gz

Then you build it:

cd tarball-foo-1.27
make install

If you have all of the proper tools installed already, then the package will build, and no errors will occur. Of course, building it like this requires you to have the root user enabled in OS X, something that isn't done by default.