Hello,everyone!I am trying to sync my photos to my iphone. In itunes, I am able to check the box to sync, then check to sync a particular folder. After that I have tried clicking on Apply AND File>Sync iphone and then the photo box will gray out and the photos will not sync. I have tried different USB ports.I'm desperate any help would be appreciated...

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Which version of iTunes and are you current on your iPhone IOS? Which version of Windows? This is, as well as many others, a typical problem with iPhone/iTunes. Its a neat little device but it certainly has its issues. Most iPhone issues syncing can be resolved by reseting your 'sync'. If you're not sure how to do this, reply to this post.


Agreed. It does have its problems, but once you know how to do it, it all falls into place.

To sync your photos.

Make sure that you have 'Authorized' your computer to allow your iphone to sync. Then you can sync your photos.


Your photo files could be too big to sync, perhaps.
And have you tried different photo folder?

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