Have you ever given a thought about installing three different type of Operating System on a single computer? Not Yet! Hmm... This sounds scary and too complex right? But You're Totally wrong! Its as simple as Install two Windows Based OS on one computer... Believe Me! Still Don't Believe Me? Ok Then, Read On :

You will need the following :
A Computer with at least 40GB SATA Hard Disk + 2Ghz Processor + 512MB RAM + DVD ROM
MAC OS X for Intel Architecture
Windows XP
Ubuntu Linux [Any linux will do, but i prefer UBUNTU]

Installing MAC OS X
Set your first boot device to DVD-ROM
Boot from MAC OS X DVD
Create atleat 15GB Partition for MAC and while formatting it, format it as MAC journal file system
Create atleast 15GB Partition for windows XP and while formatting it, format it as NTFS file system
Create atleast 8GB Partition for Linux and while formatting it, format it as Linux file system [EXT3 preffered]
Install MAC OS on the first partition
Follow the instructions. Its a GUI based istallation.

Installing Windows XP
Boot with Windows XP CD
Install Windows XP as you do it normally on the partition that you formatted as NTFS from MAC
But make sure you do not touch any other Partition
Reboot your computer

Installing Ubuntu Linux
Insert the Ubuntu CD and Boot from it
Select the partitions that you formatted as Linux file system while installing MAC
Now Create 1 GB swap partition from the remaining space
Install Ubuntu

Now as grub has taken over all the boot loaders you will see only two options :
Windows XP

But nothing to worry about...
Now select to boot with Ubuntu
Go to "/boot/grub/"
Open "menu.lst" file with administrator's right known as "root"
Add the following lines to the file and save it :
title Mac OS X (Tiger)
root (hd0,0)
chainloader +1

Wow...! The grub boot loader shows all the three Operating system!

So..? Its so simple! Right? Finally... you believe me!

All the best...!

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The problem is in MaxOS, most systems can't run it (at least not correctly) and it's technically illegal to even try. It gets a lot more technical for most people, so I'm assuming you got lucky with hardware compatibility, but regardless it still violates the license agreement.

You might want to be careful where you post tutorials like this because some forums get nervous when they start getting attention for "hackintosh" posts.

I wonder, now in 2011 with Snow Leopard, if this still works? OlyComputers is correct, this will violate the MacOS license agreement. The poster indeed would have to have gotten lucky with hardware because the biggest difference is in the proprietary driver code Apple provides. My personal curiosity is how would it go if you tried to do this on an iMac or Mac Pro rather than PC based hardware? You violate no license agreement or warranty that I know of (I recommend contacting an Apple rep to make sure). The obvious question from the Apple rep would probably be why would you want to do this? Cross platform software development is really the only reason I can think of.

It's "illegal" to "use" a computer properly? What's BootCamp for, then? Since when is it "illegal" to run software on "my" hardware?

The only thing I can think of, that you actually loose warranty. But that's the case width almost all manufacturers.

Anyway. Some OS's do have problems with the UEFI loader. But there's a simple solution: http://refit.sourceforge.net/. This provides an emulation of needed stuff for these OS's.

Don't know if that's illegal now, but somewhere you can't take such licences very serious.

Greetings, Simon

Nothing illegal that i know of, just unsure if it will violate the licensing/warranty on the Apple side of things. I wouldn't think so, but they can be pretty picky about licensing....can't think of anything illegal about it. I like mac os, linux, not real hot on windows but still a must for some things. bootcamp allows windows on a mac, and I cannot think of how adding linux to the mac mix on an iMac would violate anything as long as you aren't changing/abusing apple code

There is no violation of law in installing Mac OS X on a PC, as the law says that you are allowed to tweak the software for install compability. However, it does indeed violate the EULA of Apple, but hey, who doesn't do that anyway?

Thank you... Who gives a fuck if it's illegal... R the cops busting down the door 2 C what OS's R on UR comp

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